Cheltenham Chairs.

Ashcroft Cheltenham Chairs

Our spindle back cheltenham Wedding and Dining chairs with Silver chair frame. Sometimes referred to as a Goodwood or Henley Back, this original banquet chair has timeless design.

We can professionally paint these in any colour to order using top quality E.U approved Lacquers and wood stains.  

Any seat pad colour can be fitted from our range of colours.

Silver Cheltenham

Velour Seat Pads

Gold Cheltenham

Colour Options

  1. European Beech

  2. Seat Height 460mm (18”)

  3. Height 880mm (34”)

  4. Weight (5kg)

  5. Width 400mm (16”)

  6. Depth 420mm (17”)

Natural Wood Cheltenham

A solid durable classic.

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